Bygones in Beantown

Part 2

As the trio finishes destroying the zombies brought by the necromancer, police sirens are heard approaching. They decide to leave post-haste and not deal with the cops. On the way out the door, they grab the boom-box left by the necromancer to control the zombies. After searching the box for any kind of link Thalias can use to find the necromancer, they call Paddy to see if he can get the cops to fingerprint the stereo. Paddy says no problem, so the trio bring Paddy the boom-box. When they arrive at Paddys office they are approached by Patrick Flannery who wants to learn more about the alleged necromancy going on in his city. Thalias explains enough of the situation to get Patrick’s help hunting the necromancer. While they wait on the fingerprints to come back from Paddy’s cop friends they start looking into the location of Pylos, Viktor, or Raven. Pylos was spotted at a local night-club the past couple of nights. They use time to get research done until Paddy calls with the identity of Dante Aline, the necromancer with the boom-box, but can only offer a name. The group decides to go after Pylos for information. When they arrive at the club that night, Pylos has taken all the girls attention and is busy with the girls. The PCs buy him drinks to try to ply him, but this greek god can drink. He ignores them until Patrick calls Matt with the location of the necromancer. The trio go to help Patrick out. When they arrive Patrick is already in battle with some ghosts. The PCs jump into the fray, only to have Dante’s body come out of the house, no longer Dante, but instead now Amem Havotep. After a quick battle with the unprepared, freshly revived necromancer, the PCs are able to cause the necromancer to retreat, dropping the Amulet of Osiris on his way out.

Paddy now has his amulet back. and the PCs have a new friend. End of Story 1. PCs gain one skill point each and one refresh for each of their characters



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