Jeremy Waites

Owner of Boston Occult Only Books


Jeremy is a short and stocky 33 year old guy with blond hair and a scraggly beard. After spending a large chunk of his life dabbling with Wicca and the other “magic” sold in occult shops, Jeremy one day ran into the real thing. As he was headed home from classes on night back in college, he was attacked by a pair of vampires. Just when he thought he was a dead man, the Warden of Boston came to his rescue. Seeing real magic for the first time, he became obsessed with the real thing. He poked his head around enough to find McGlinchy’s Pub and soon after opened his own shop selling fake magic stuff to cover some of the real magic books and ware he had in the back. <> is on good terms with Jeremy and likes to often come peruse his ever changing selection of real magic tomes.


Jeremy Waites

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