Merrill K. Reed

Seere's Room Mate


Merrill is one of the weirdest persons you would ever meet, if she could sneak a cat reference into a conversation she would. This weirdness got her into many problems in the past. When she was 7, a kid at her elementary school was forcing her to eat sand outside during recess. Her neighbor Paul K. Devalt (Peter) who at the time was 9 pulled the kid off Merrill and while holding him up from the back of his collar walked him over to one of the teachers. When she first spoke to Peter she spoke with a muffled quiet voice, skipping words while speaking. Peter helped her up and gave her the nickname Mur-Mur. From that day on they were best friends. Merrill developed a crush on Peter.

Much farther in the future Peter, who claimed the Name Seere, discovered the bruises on Merrill arms. That night her father didn’t return home from work. Merrill and her brother had opposite reactions; Merrill was glad the abuse was over, even though she missed her dad; Jack held Seere responsible for the family falling apart. Merrill and her past experiences with her father left her rather quiet about the scenario.

Currently Merrill lives with Seere in his apartment. He got her a job working in the hospital, so she can get some money while going to college to be a Doctor. Right now she works as administrative personnel in Boston Medical Hospital which fortunately doesn’t require a college education.

Merrill K. Reed

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