Bygones in Beantown

First Story
Stealing Stolen Goods
Talias receives a call from his old friend and mentor, Dr. Malamed. Dr. Malamed requests that Talias help a wealthy benefactor of the museum, Paddy Quinlan. Paddy has had the Amulet of Osiris stolen from him last night. Talias agrees to help, calls Paddy, investigates the house and learns from the cops that the “Raven” probably committed the crime. After searching for a link to the Raven, Talias gives up and calls Paddy looking for a link to the artifact instead. The link to the artifact eventually leads the trio to Planet Self Storage, unit 504b. When they arrive to go to the locker they hear the sound of a loud bass thump approaching. When they get to the top floor Talias notices his old college rival, Viktor Belanov, as well as a female that can turn into a raven and a person that looks like a Greek statue, Pylos. Talias and friends are able to hide while zombies come up through the stairwell and confront Viktor and friends. The zombies are able to strip the artifact from Viktor’s team and get it to the necromancer controlling them. Viktor and his team make it out in the ensuing chaos. Talias, Matt, and Seere then attack the necromancer in an attempt to acquire the amulet for themselves. Unfortunately while trying to get through the zombies to the necromancer controlling them, the necromancer and his big ass afro get away. Talias, Matt, and Seere are then able to destroy the zombies trying to kill them. End of session one.

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