Tag: WCV


  • House Raith

    House Raith has a strong presence in Boston. Not too far from Chicago, where the White King resides, his family owns the nightclub and strip joint scenes in the greater Boston metropolitan area. [[factions]]

  • House Skavis

    House Skavis feeds on fear and is not to keen on [[House Raith]], who happen to be in control of the White Court right now. They have been trying to muscle in some territory in Boston. [[locations]] [[factions]]

  • Seere Reaver

    Age:19 Occupation: Boston Medical Hospital: Emergency Room Receptionist His father, a WCV, was killed by the warden of Boston in front of his eyes when he was little. his father was the leader of House Reaver, which at the time was a minor clan of …

  • Hardwire

    Hardwire is known throughout the Boston underground communities as the go to guy for any kind of information brokering. He pays a small fortune for good info, and charges a large fortune to sell it to someone else. "Hardwire" is just a moniker used …