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Bygones in Beantown is a Dresden Files RPG campaign using the FATE system.

PC High Concepts:
Wizard Archeologist – from a family of wizards, this one learned a lot from his grandfather. One day his grandfather left on a trip to search for some relic and never returned. He has been invited to join the White Council, but doesn’t really trust them entirely due to his grandfathers influence.

White Court Vigilante – His father, a WCV, was killed by the warden of Boston in front of his eyes when he was little. He had never been brought into the fold with the rest of his family and his human mother wasn’t ready to help him when he grew older. When he discovered his power and a thirst for Rage he decided to hunt down the Warden and make him pay. He has a twisted sense of justice and likes to kill. He likes to poison his victims so that the deaths look more natural.

Knight Templar with a Holy Axe – The long lost descendent of a King, he was raised from birth to be the fist of God for the order. He abandoned his family and training to live a decadent lifestyle for several years in his late teens, but returned one day because he felt the need to. He arrived just in time to find his dying father and hear his final word, “Denarians.” He got the family weapon, a genuine Holy Axe, and dedicated his life to saving humanity and purging any supernatural threats.

Warden of Boston

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