McGlinchys Pub

McGlinchy’s Pub is a true old world Irish pub in the south end of Boston. This pub is so old world that you are really likely to see a couple of fairies there. The entrance is in the back of an old alley where no one knows to look for it, so most can’t find it. The bar is accorded neutral territory and no one dares violate that. The inside is very broken up, with a lot of sharp angles and sudden changes. The tables are in no particular pattern, everything is very chaotic. The bartented is a strange gentleman with brown slicked back hair, dark skin, and a dangerous never ending smile. He is not completely human, but no one really knows much about him. The proprietor, Mr. McGinchy, is a large, ginger, Irishmen who is usually half drunk when people actually see him.

Kamau Boro – bartender
Angus McGlinchy – proprietor

Theme: Irishmen and Fairies go together like Chocolate and Peanut Butter



McGlinchys Pub

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