Welcome to Boston!

Themes and Threats

1. Theme – Irishmen and Fairies go together like Chocolate and Peanut Butter
2. Theme – One of America’s Oldest Cities
3. Threat – Too Many Hands in the Cookie Jar

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the USA. Located about 30 miles from Salem, Boston really doesn’t have any love for the supernatural. Unfortunately for Boston, the supernatural loves it. When the Irish came in droves because of the potato famine, they brought fairies with them. Portals to the Nevernever lead where connections bring them, the presence of so many Irish in the city virtually connected the entire city to parts of Fairy. The biggest problem in Boston right now is that there is no clear leader in the supernatural world. House Raith has a presence, the Red Court has business everywhere, there are probably a couple of Black Court vamps out there too. The Warden of the White Council for Boston, Patrick Flannery, tends to be busy hunting warlocks or dealing with the affairs of the fairies in the city. The church has a strong presence here as well as a member of the Knights Templar working in the city. The fairies are too busy being fairies to mess with the mortals. Rumors of grave robbery have recently sprung up. There is even a little left of the old Italian Families that used to run everything. Here’s hoping that no one wants to take that balance of power for themselves


Bygones in Beantown

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